A continuous improvement tool for transformational businesses
What is River? Watch our video

What is River? Watch our video

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Revolutionise the way you engage,
connect and improve.

River unites teams around a common purpose. Everyone stays in tune with the higher purpose of your business by collaborating, reviewing and improving from the same source.

Engage around goals

River gets teams aligned with your company’s mission. It puts data at the heart of the business for easy decision making and goal setting.

See their progress
  • Share performance data that’s relevant
  • Create goals based on any team metric
  • Establish goals together that impact business performance

Connect through activities

River connects teams around activities that provide clear business benefit. With River anyone can view goal focussed activity across the organisation.

Socialise with purpose
  • Integrate performance reporting
  • Identify and track activities
  • Connect teams around clear business outcomes

Improve through shared success

River surfaces the most effective activities and shines a light on success. It pulls in the latest data that supports continuous improvement.

Review and refine
  • Keep data fresh so teams can see their impact
  • Surface the most effective activities
  • Share success to inspire other teams
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Your questions answered

We've collected the most commonly posed questions about River and put them into a handy set of FAQs.