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Everything a team needs in one place

River is a unique tool that allows your teams to collaborate around the data that really matters. With River, your data is timely, relevant and visual so teams can collaborate in real time - across multiple departments or functions.

  • Visualise your data to support team decision making and goal setting
  • Connect teams around activities that provide clear business benefit
  • Support team continuous improvement by ongoing review of your latest data

Request a free trial today to bring your teams together with a continuous improvement product designed for real business impact.

Your free trial will:

  • Ensure every team sees up to date performance metrics with KPIs that are relevant to them
  • Get your teams connected around activities that provide a clear business benefit. Your data is regularly updated allowing teams to see the impact of their collaboration
  • Surface the effective activities and share them with others
  • Maximise value and minimise distraction with targeted notifications

Your teams want to have an impact. With River, the impact is clear.

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